The road

The only horizon
Rear view mirror
Tis only the road
Trees shrouding rain pounding
Forward visibility
Tis only the road
Maybe clearer
Over this flat
Beyond that hill
Could turn around
But the sounds I heard
Still bite
So much spite
Insight why
I lack
Sun setting on my back
Tis only the road
Wipers sweeping
Radio seeping love songs
Intermittent beeping
Signal gone
Tis only the road
Sun sinks
Black bridging black
Lights flashing flack
Full beam makes me scream
So Wrong So Wrong
Am I returning or leaving
Sunset is gleaming
A virgins blight then its gone
Tis only the road
Whats at home
Is gone
I’m abroad I’m alone
My only horizon
Rear view mirror
Is blank
Tis the only road